Our new Curl Cream is a soft curlin defining cream that gives your curls movement and shine.
With ingredients as Aloe, Jojoba, Myrrha, Turmeric, Black Pepper along with Panthenol it’s not only gentle to use but also helps revitalizing your hair and scalp.
Wash your hair with E+46 Volume Shampoo finish off with E+46 Volume conditioner and gently towel dry. Turn the dispenser upside down and dispense a perfect size Vurl Cream in your palm. Apply evenly to your towel dried hair, gently squeeze your curls and dry with a blow dryer using diffuser and on low heat.
Dry your hair compleatly. Use either E+46 Hair Spray to control your curls or spray gently som E+46 Dry Shampoo or Beach Spray on your dried curls to get a bouncier look the lasts through out the day.

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