1Where can I buy E+46 products?
You can either use the function on the Home page and type in your desired city or if you use a mobile phone - we will guide you to your nearest shop via a Geo tag.
2Are any of your products tested on animals?
No, none pf our products are tested on animals.
3Does any of the E+46 products contain silicones?
Yes we use silicones, both naturals and chemicals. Mainly in our conditioners. The silicones in these products provide a level of protection from heat styling and moisture loss, as well as enhance lustre, smoothness and manageability. The silicon used is the same as used in contact lenses e.g.
4Are the shampoos sulphate free?
Yes, all our shampoos are sulphate free. That means they are colour safe, they will not harm your hair colour and they will not make your hair dry. But you will still get a nice foam!

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