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  • Rough Wax

    SHINE 0/10 HOLD 10/10 VOLUME 10/10
    A thick creamy fiber wax providing maximum hold and volume without any shine. Easy to wash out. Directions: Ru...
  • Xtreme Fiber

    SHINE 3/10 HOLD 10/10 VOLUME 10/10
    A dry wax perfect for short and half-length hairstyles. Gives maximum hold and volume that holds an entire day...
  • Shaper Wax

    SHINE 6/10 HOLD 7/10 VOLUME 7/10
    A wax that makes it easy to create your own style. Gives volume, shine and hold that lasts the entire day. Eas...
  • Matte Clay

    SHINE 0/10 HOLD 7/10 VOLUME 7/10
    An easy to work clay wax with strong hold and matte look for all hairstyles. Easy to wash out. Directions: App...
  • Classic Paste

    SHINE 5/10 HOLD 5/10 VOLUME 8/10
    A medium, hold, workable classic paste with natural shine. Adds volume, definition and texture. Suitable for a...

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